Global Charity Saving Energy with Digicon Solutions

11 August, 2017

Global Charity on its mission to save lives by saving energy with Digicon Solutions

Digicon Solutions have installed variable speed drives at the London HQ of a Global Charitable Foundation.

Digicon Solutions supplied, installed and commissioned thirty-five Danfoss VLT® FC102 HVAC Drives to the Charities dry air coolers. Whilst carrying out the installation of the Danfoss Drives, Digicon also replaced their old inefficient two speed motors with IE3 high efficiency Brook Crompton motors.  

The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) can work as an electronic power controller, which regulates the speed and torque output of an AC electric motor. VSD's can be retrofitted to all sorts of applications; whether it be a swimming pool pump, hot water pump or compressor just to name a few. 
Pumps, fans and compressors consume vast amounts of energy. They can be over engineered or running at full power even when they don't have to.  Fitting a Variable Speed Drive to your fixed speed pump, fan or compressor allows the motor to run at a speed, which is appropriate to the requirements of the process.
Because energy and motor speed are exponentially related, even a relatively small reduction in speed can result in a significant energy saving. Fitting a VSD to an electric motor is an attractive, cost-saving project for many businesses, as it can provide quick results and a relatively short payback.

“Existing systems needed to be upgraded in order to save energy and increase efficiency”

The Danfoss VLT® FC102 HVAC Drives installed were fully integrated onto the client's existing Lon Works system using a Danfoss MCA 108 fieldbus option card, meaning supply matches demand, resulting in optimum energy and cost savings.  It is estimated that the installation is saving the Charity up to £50,000 per year.

"The beauty of the Danfoss Drives being in IP55 robust enclosures meant that there was no need to provide additional protective enclosures. This kept investment costs down with short return on investment for the client. The Charity depend on public funding to keep going, so every £1 saved is £1 that can be re-invested into the Foundation and their projects worldwide" -Karl Jones Managing Director, Digicon Solutions

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