Digicon are proud to be VACON®’s UK agent for the VACON® HVAC 100 range of drives.

VACON® who are now owned outright by Danfoss, offer optimum process control and energy efficiency for a wide variety of electric motor-driven applications in a diverse range of industries. Including liquid- and air-cooled drives, the portfolio covers a power range of 0.25 kW – 5.3MW.

Digicon are proud to be VACON®’s UK agent for the VACON® HVAC 100 range of drives.

Digicon Solutions has extensive experience in providing Danfoss variable speed drives and HVAC drives for a variety of solutions and services, including:

About Vacon Drives

Vacon was initially a Finnish company launched in 1993, under the name Vaasa Control Ltd, before being bought out by Danish organisation Danfoss in 2014. The company’s variable speed drive solutions offer operators full control over their electric motors while a Vacon inverter can successfully produce energy from renewable sources.

The VACON® NXP System Drive is a DC bus drive lineup designed for industrial applications. In addition to connecting your business to the most suitable Vacon drive for its intended usage, Digicon Solutions will connect you to all necessary Fieldbus Firmware, Fieldbus Configuration Files, and Software Tools for a reliable and consistent service.

With Vacon drives, the future of HVAC is here.

Why Choose Vacon Drives for your business?

A growing number of companies have turned their attention to Vacon drives in recent years, and we have now helped thousands of businesses like yours. Frankly, it’s not hard to see why business owners are keen to embrace the power of a variable speed drive and improved Vacon flow control for industrial pump and fan applications.

Installing a Vacon NX drive and advanced HVAC framework in your workplace will deliver a plethora of benefits for your company, including but not limited to;

  • Improved energy efficiency, which will translate to financial savings.
  • Reduced carbon emissions, which also support your brand image.
  • Improved climate control throughout your commercial spaces.
  • Happier employees and guests, which also brings improved productivity.
  • Consistent results thanks to the standardised solutions.
  • Further cost savings thanks to reduced maintenance requirements.

Above all else, embracing the power of Vacon flow will give you peace of mind and enable your teams to complete their daily assignments without distractions. Once you’ve installed your Vacon drives, your only regret will be why you left it so long.

Extensive Experience

Digicon have extensive experience in installing Variable Speed Drive technology in the following industry segments:

  • Leisure, Hotels and Resorts
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Lifts and Cranes
  • Industrial Processes & Automation
  • OEM’s

Find the best Vacon variable speed drive for your business

As shown above, Digicon can supply an extensive collection of Vacon NX drive products from a power range of 0.25 kW – 5.3MW to ensure that your commercial HVAC facilities are up to scratch. If you’re unsure about which variable speed drive is right for your daily operations, Danfoss learning tools will help you identify the perfect solutions. Alternatively, our experts can provide a full consultation to help you make the right selection.

In addition to multi-pump solutions that guarantee optimal performance and protection, you will be pleased to know that a short set-up time facilitated by our experienced technicians will ensure that you can see the benefits of Vacan flow systems with almost immediate results. And thanks to our comprehensive range of accessories, you can easily adapt the setup to match your immediate and long-term needs.

Thanks to the super smooth and reliable operations, you’ll never have to worry about your HVAC infrastructure again. Commercial climate control courtesy of a Vacon inverter never looked better.

Get Your Vacon Drives Installed Now

Vacon drives are the best in class, guaranteeing an efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable performance throughout your commercial workspaces. To find out more and arrange your hassle-free installation from the UK’s only registered agent, get in touch today.