Digicon Solutions Ltd is a leading variable speed drive specialist in the UK, offering high-quality and energy-efficient HVAC solutions to maintain the climate in buildings.

Why Choose Digicon Solutions Ltd for HVAC Installation?

Digicon Solutions Ltd is the obvious choice for HVAC installation

Our team has experience designing, installing and commissioning various electrical drive-based systems using specialist components, including drives, control panels, motors, gearboxes, and soft starters. We are authorised distributors of Danfoss VLT® and VACON® products, and we have the largest stockholding in the UK available for immediate delivery.

Our team specialises in supplying and installing exceptional variable speed drives for the HVAC industry. Our goal is to help you save energy, reduce costs, and enable comfort improvements in indoor environments. Whether you need variable speed drives or a new HVAC system for your office building, hotel, hospital, retail store or industrial facility, our team can consult with you to create a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements and budget.

The benefits of installing an HVAC variable drive system with Digicon Solutions Ltd are as follows:

  • Improved air filtration and quality 
  • A higher-valued property or premises
  • Consistent airflow and superior humidity control
  • Saving money on your utility and maintenance bills
  • Maintenance of specific temperatures in every room
  • Fewer carbon emissions and reduced energy consumption
  • Enhanced comfort for building occupants across various settings
  • Units with a longer lifespan and fewer repairs than conventional systems
  • More uniform heating across rooms, corridors, foyers, and other interior settings

Extensive Experience

Digicon have extensive experience in installing Variable Speed Drive technology in the following industry segments:

  • Leisure, Hotels and Resorts
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Lifts and Cranes
  • Industrial Processes & Automation
  • OEM’s

How Our HVAC Installation Work

Getting HVAC installation with Digicon Solutions Ltd is straightforward. Our process works as follows:-

1. Contact Us For A Free Quote

The first step is to get in touch with our team for a free quote. You can call us on 01455 251610 or fill out our online form and tell us more about your project. Once we know the size, scale, and requirements, we can provide you with a quote based on any existing systems and your desired outcome. 

2. Book An Installation

The next step is to choose a date for your new HVAC installation. Our team can work around your timetable, fitting solutions when they will cause the least disruption to you.

3. We Install Your New System

Following that, we install your new system. Our engineers arrive at your location with the tools and equipment they require for the work. They will install the equipment to exceptional safety and quality standards. 

4. Enjoy The Benefits Of Enhanced Climate Control

Lastly, you can enjoy the benefits of superior heating, cooling, and ventilation, thanks to our variable-speed motor-equipped HVAC solutions.

Get Your New HVAC Installed

Don’t wait any longer for quality HVAC installation. Contact Digicon Solutions Ltd today for a free quote, and let us help you improve your interior environment. 

Call us at 01455 251610 or 24-hour at 0844 335 1724, or visit our products page to learn more.