Have you ever wondered who owns Vacon? Is it a separate company or is it part of Danfoss, one of the leading motor control providers? Digicon are here to help – as one of the UK’s biggest independent Variable Speed Drive specialists and authorised distributors of Vacon and Danfoss products, we have the answers you need. Our technical specialists have an impressive 100 years of knowledge between them, helping us provide intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for businesses across the nation. With our wide selection of stock available for immediate delivery, we can ensure that you get the answers you need quickly and easily.

1) So, who owns Vacon?

Danfoss acquired Vacon in 2015 and they now operate as part of the larger Danfoss Group. This acquisition has enabled them to expand their product range with more efficient, high-quality Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) that use state-of-the-art technology. Both companies have a commitment to delivering sustainable solutions that help businesses reduce energy costs and improve efficiency for better process control.

2) What other products does Danfoss offer?

Danfoss offers a wide range of products across many different industries, all designed to optimise efficiency and reduce energy costs. These include drives, motors, and valves that are used in commercial and industrial applications. Danfoss also produces heating systems, climate control equipment, refrigeration components, actuators and compressors. All these products have been designed with sustainability in mind, utilising advanced technologies like intelligent controls and analytics to enable improved process control.

In addition to Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), Danfoss also manufactures electronic controllers for motor control and automation solutions for drive systems such as pumps, fans or conveyor belts. Finally, the company is also involved in renewable energy projects such as solar PV systems and wind turbines. All these products are available through their network of authorised distributors across the globe.

3) What makes Vacon products different?

Vacon products are renowned for their superior quality and reliability. They have a wide range of energy-efficient and reliable Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) that use the latest state-of-the-art technology, allowing businesses to reduce their energy costs and improve process control. The advanced features in Vacon’s drives offer a high level of user flexibility, allowing them to be fine-tuned to suit any application. This ensures optimal performance at all times.

Vacon’s innovative technology helps businesses operate more efficiently while decreasing the total cost of ownership, thanks to features like voltage monitoring, current limiters and temperature sensors that help prevent damage due to overloads or insufficient cooling. Furthermore, they feature intelligent algorithms which detect changes in load conditions and adjust motor speeds accordingly – further ensuring efficient operation while reducing wear on motors and components. Ultimately, their innovative technology enables businesses to operate more effectively while decreasing the total cost of ownership.

Digicon is pleased to be an authorised distributor for Danfoss and Vacon products, and with our knowledgeable teams on hand ready to answer your queries, we offer tailored solutions tailored specifically for your business. Need help selecting an appropriate drive or motor control product for your application? Reach out – we are here for you!