Digicon Danfoss Drives raise the levels of safety and reliability in the crane industry

Danfoss Drives have over 25 years of experience safe and reliable operation in cranes and over 100,000 cranes in the field.


In any operating crane, safety must be the highest priority. It is paramount that the load is held, stopped, controlled (raised, lowered) safely at any time.
Therefore, every Danfoss product used for crane applications meets all relevant safety standards to ensure safe and reliable operation.
The integrated safety option achieves SIL 3-IEC61508/62061 and ensures certified levels of reliability and safety.

Crane-specific features

Cranes need careful attention and key parameters to operate smoothly while moving and changing direction under load.
These include mechanical brake control, tandem operation, catching the dropping load, anti-sway and many more.

Danfoss crane application software supplies all crane-specific features in a single piece of software. This allows you to address the needs of most crane types. Users can enable parameters according to the type of crane and application request.

Serviceability and support

Danfoss has designed its DrivePro® Life Cycle Services to help you get the most out of your crane application. They go beyond simple device maintenance, repairs and replacements and offer added value that can ultimately improve your business.
The comprehensive portfolio of services spans the entire life-cycle of your drives and is based on extensive expertise and experience. The services are customised to your requirements, whatever your needs.

Danfoss Drives Features

  • Mechanical brake control
  • Hybridization
  • Integrated sensorless anti-sway
  • Bump-less transfer
  • Catch dropping load
  • Integrated functional safety with advanced safety option
  • Tandem hoist
  • Tandem with torque control
  • Shock load protection
  • Slack rope prevention