Vacon NXP and VLT® Lift Drive LD 302

Reliable operation and excellent ride comfort

Along with the proven Vacon NXP Lift Drive, Danfoss has now introduced its VLT® Lift Drive. Both drives are been designed from the outset to be easy to install and set up in elevator applications, and to be compatible with almost any type of elevator control system. And it’s available off the shelf from Digicon, which makes it possible to keep lift downtime to an absolute minimum.  Digicon work closely with its dedicated lift partner Digital Advance Control.

An ideal choice for retrofit?

The Danfoss NXP and VLT drives boast open architecture with the simple menu structure written in plain, easy-to-understand language.

Fitting the Danfoss VLT® Lift Drive proved to be as straightforward as expected and, after it had been installed, it was found to provide a much smoother ride than the old drive it replaced. It was also much quieter in operation ­ always a bonus in residential locations ­ as it has a specially controlled cooling fan that runs only when needed.

Supply voltages and power range 

380-400 V…4-55 kW

Features and benefits

  • Travel comfort is enhanced thanks to a range of noise-reducing features
  • Energy savings can be achieved as cooling fans run only when absolutely necessary
  • The drive is quick and easy to commission as it fits all common feedback systems and there are just 10 parameters to set
  • The drive operates reliably in harsh conditions due to specially coated circuit boards
  • Components remain firmly in place in environments with high degrees of vibration thanks to the ‘ruggedized’ version


Mid-range to high-rise residential and commercial building lifts, industrial site freight lifts, mine-shaft lifts, ‘recreational’ applications, such as ski lifts, boat lifts, aircraft lifts or elevators, vehicle lifts, walkways.