About Us

Digicon Solutions was formed in 2008 as a distribution and solutions provider. The aim was to be a pure specialist in VSD technology and associated products. Digicon pride themselves on being one of the biggest independent drives specialists in the industry and have built up a team of technical specialists who together have over 100 years of experience in the industry; from installation engineers to high level technical support and sales staff. We do not diversify from our core business. We stick to what we do best. 

For many bespoke applications there is simply no off-the-shelf solution that will do the job. By leveraging our key strengths in design and manufacture, we have the resources and capability to produce Bespoke Control Systems that are designed specifically to meet your individual requirements and site conditions.

“When Digicon was founded, my vision was of a company who offered a no nonsense approach with confidence and expertise within the drives industry. Over the last ten years, Digicon has established itself in the industry as being just that. We have built up a team comprising of some of the best engineers in our industry with exceptional skills and knowledge, making us the drives experts you can count on.”


– Karl Jones, Managing Director and Founder.

Not only can Digicon offer next day delivery of top of the range VSD's and associated equipment, such as motors, CO2 sensors and real-time clocks, our specialist engineers can also install and commission the drives.

We offer competitive service packages and we promise that one of our engineers will be on site within 12 hours of an emergency call out.

Digicon are the drive experts you can count on. We will be with you from the very first phone call, through the entire lifecycle of your drive – and beyond. We are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Digicon endeavor to find and maintain the optimal solution tailored to the individual needs of you; our customer.

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